Caption Competition

Here are the entries from the 2004 Fiddlesticks' Caption Competition:

Fiddlesticks caption competition - caption A

Peter was green with envy at Paul "Big Drum" and his huge beater!

Burt Ives never looked this good!

Peter Sellers' brother is discovered at the Red Lion in Cromer!

"Oh God, Dimascio's coming towards me!"

"I can be mean, really!"

Fiddlesticks caption competition - caption B

Despite their village being reclaimed by the sea, the Happisburgh Morris side were determined to dance on the same spot they'd danced on for a hundred years.

Oops! missed the last ferry to Rouen!

"Oh no, that's the third time I've splashed my bush with salt water!".

Fiddlesticks tried where King Canute had failed...

"How many more grapes must we tread?"

(Passer by) :- "So this is what happens at menopause!"

Fiddlesticks caption competition - caption B

Sergeant Nightingale confronts a determined rebellious new recruit.

(Kay) :- "You are under my spell. Now, who is the supreme squire?".

(Brenda) :- "Kay, I'm sorry, I'm not trying lap-dancing even if you are short of people!

(Brenda) :- "Kay, I don't care - it's the hottest day of the summer and I'm NOT putting my sweatshirt on!"

"Anything you can do I can do better..."
"No you can't..."
"Yes I can..."
"No you can't..."
"Yes I can..."

(Kay) :- "I told you to put elastic in those bloomers".

(Kay) :- "Are you dancing tomorrow?"
(Brenda) :- "I can't commit myself yet!"

Fiddlesticks caption competition - caption B

Now his cricket career was over, Geoff Boycott was reduced to selling tickets to see Fiddlesticks.

Move over Dicky Bird.

"Pretentious? - Moi".

Alec turns left on the way to Lord's Cricket Ground and ends up at Southwold Pier.

You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but...

Fiddlesticks caption competition - caption B

(2nd man on left) :- "'What legs! What Bloomers! [he haw he haw] - what are we doing waiting here?'"

"I heard that Kemps Men has got a new band?"

French riot police are deployed as 'Les Fiddlesticks' are spotted in Rouen.

In a desperate attempt to escape Paul dressed up as a Fireman and joined this French band.

(2nd man on right) :- "Ze bloody stooped English"

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